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  • Caster supported mobile tray

    Caster Abstract: A multi-purpose wheeled carrier that includes various surfaces, recesses and unique features for providing alternative methods of containing, sorting and transporting random materials of various sizes, bulk and weight. The base of th...

  • Adjustable eccentric axle caster assembly for pallet truck

    Caster Abstract: An adjustable eccentric axle caster assembly for a pallet truck is provided. The adjustable caster assembly includes an eccentric axle, a caster wheel mounted on the eccentric axle, and a fastener for securing the eccentric axle to p...

  • Kingpin-free caster assembly

    Caster Abstract: A kingpin-free caster in which a plate is assembled onto a yoke with ball bearings therebetween and the plate is deformed in place upon the yoke to capture the ball bearings between the yoke and plate and couple the yoke and plate to...

  • Caster wheel assembly with anti-flutter control

    Caster Abstract: A caster wheel assembly for a wheeled device, such as a wheelchair, includes a housing suitable for connection to a wheeled device, a caster fork configured to mount a caster wheel for rotation, and a caster bolt connected to the cas...

  • Roll apparatus of continuous caster and cylindrical roller bearing for supporting roll of continuous

    Caster Abstract: A roll apparatus provided at a continuous caster for transferring a cast piece to a predetermined location includes: at least three divided rolls arranged to align concentrically and in an axial direction thereof to constitute a roll...

  • Caster for baby carriage

    Caster Abstract: A caster for a baby carriage is composed of: a caster holder mounted to a front leg of a baby carriage; a caster column provided at the caster holder and having a flange-shaped portion at its lower end, wherein the caster bearing mem...

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